Coronavirus – Council Meeting

Mar 18, 2020

The Committee has been monitoring the news in relation to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, the committee is monitoring the UK Government advice and will act responsibly based on the advice provided.


Contingency Plans in the event Covid-19 disrupts business.

The Clerk

Should the Clerk be infected and unable to continue then the Chairman would deal with business and delegate actions as he sees fit.


Agenda would be produced and posted but with only essential business. It is anticipated that most projects would go into hibernation with the exception of ordered works. It is expected that the agenda would consist of usual items 1 to 4 (reported before the meeting), Planning, Reports on Ongoing Works, Finance, Clerk’s report, Urgent Other Matters.

Councillors will be contacted via group email by the chairman on what would be meeting night and asked to respond via “reply to all” and this will constitute attendance. Councillors would be asked for their comments again via “reply to all” and the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman will collate comments and agree a view of Council. This will be recorded in an abbreviated minute. Minutes will be noted as to the manner of business and decision and the reason.

A note will be published with the agenda informing the public that they can comment to the Chairman or Clerk on matters but that public meetings have been suspended until further notice.


Council will be asked to delegate the following:

Response to Correspondence – The Clerk – consultation with Chairman on sensitive matters.

Approval of Finance – Chairman – cheques will still need two signatures. This gives an overview by second councillor. The Clerk to arrange for signature.

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