Road Signs in Need of Repair

Jan 29, 2019

Call for the public to help identify historical road signs in need of repair.

Cumbria County Council’s Highways department is currently undertaking an inventory of historical road signs (fingerpost directional signs) and way-markers in Cumbria.

This is to identify those that are most in need of repair and to assess requirements for their refurbishment.

With so many of the old-fashioned fingerpost signs across the county, the council is asking members of the public to report their local signs that require refurbishment or repair.

This can be done via the county council website by accessing the ‘report a fault’ link on the “Highways” section of the website, and then selecting the option for ‘road signs.’ Alternatively, people can telephone 0300 303 2992 to speak to a highways officer in their local area.

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