SLDC Community Governance Review

Feb 12, 2019

South Lakeland District Council has resolved to undertake a Community Governance Review (CGR) of the whole of the District.

What is a Community Governance Review?

A CGR is a legal process whereby Councils can consider the following:

  • creating, merging, altering or abolishing parishes,
  • the naming of parishes and the style of any new parishes,
  • the electoral arrangements for parishes, i.e. the ordinary year of election, council size, the number of councillors to be elected to the council and parish warding,
  • grouping of parishes under a common parish council or de-grouping parishes.

A CGR must reflect the identities and interests of communities and should take into account the impact of community governance arrangements on community cohesion and the size, population and boundaries of a local community or parish. A copy of the Terms of Reference are attached as a PDF file, further information can be obtained by contacting SLDC.

SLDC Community Governance Review

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